We put out Live Versions of  Rocks Best. 

You never know what the crowd will inspire. 

Crossing generations with fresh music...

The DeadBeats will Rock You Out and  Flash You Back!


Sat 04/13/19 AA Rounfup
Fri 05/24/19 Pit 611
Sat 05/25/19 DB4 Longbridge
Sat 06/01/19 Dempseys  10 - 1:30
Fri 06/21/19 DB4 Longbridge
Sat 06/22/19 Fargo North 50th
Fri 07/05/19 Hotel Shoreham 9-1
Sat 07/06/19 Private Party
Thu 07/11/19 West Fargo Street Night  8-10
Fri 07/19/19 Moon Dance Jam
Sat 07/20/19 Moon Dance Jam
Fri 07/26/19 Hotel Shoreham 9-1
Sat 07/27/19 DB4 Longbridge
Sat 08/03/19 Private Party  Star Lake 7-11 
Fri 08/16/19 Woodstock at Bluestem
Sat 08/17/19 Woodstock at Bluestem
Fri 08/23/19 DB4 Longbridge
Fri 08/30/19 Pit 611


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